A Star Wars Trench Run Is More Fun In Real Life

The snow is getting ever deeper over here in Sweden, and I have heard from Diana that they even have snow in Atlanta these days. Even though the temperature has somewhat risen here the last couple of days, you can be sure there will be more snow coming any day now. That’s usually the case of here. When you least expect it is when the blizzards and snow will hit you head on.

A nasty side effect that comes with it all is, of course, that you will have to shovel that snow away to even get to your front door, at least if you’re living in your own house. For people in apartments, the snow causes little problem since the landlord will probably take care of that. But then there is that path that has to be made only to get to your car. Well, the list is infinite really if we’re going to cover every single side effect that comes with a fresh layer of snow.

So what do you do when the snow hits you hard one Monday morning? You could always put on your boots, gloves and that good mood spirit of yours and start digging cause by the end of it you could do exactly what Aaron Dabelow did. The trench he created just to get to his front door became the Death Star trench and with it, the legendary trench run that we all remember from the retro days of the fresh Star Wars series.

So the lesson to be learned here is that your imagination determines the satisfaction in your work cause no task can be boring if your imagination is at large. It is said that your imagination determines the limit of your success, and I truly hope that it will always stay that way.