ABC Superheroes: The Only Way Kids Should Learn The Alphabet

The really boring part about being born before the ’80s is that we weren’t a kid when all the cool things finally started hitting the stores. It seems when I was a kid, things were less refined and sophisticated. It’s like people weren’t able to think a couple years ahead of time to really start digging up the cool stuff for the world. Even in school things were different. Back then, we had our own desks where we could house our pens, papers and schoolbooks. Now each student has a computer, and there are overhead machines displaying everything. We had to settle for the blackboard with chalk. Times have really changed, and even the methods of teaching are changing quite a bit, which is really cool.

By the time children these days are around age 15, they are way smarter than we ever were at that age because of all the technology and easy learning techniques they were exposed to in their educational process. Some people think this is bad, but I am strongly for it because of the way society is developing. In time, we will all find ourselves sitting behind a computer working. That’s really the way of the future, and the sooner we can realize that, and the sooner we can teach our kids to get into it all, the better they will adapt to the surrounding technologies which will help them get a good job in the future.

Learning our ABCs is of course the initial step before going in to all kinds of levels of learning. There are constantly new and creative alphabets popping up around the Internet. The more creative they are, the more kids will have to think. My own experience is that kids like showing off the skills that they have learned by themselves in school or at home. This is the reason why I always enjoy checking out new ways of picturing the alphabet, especially when it involves superheroes.

Fabian Gonzales, an alphabet pioneer of sorts and designer, took the alphabet to new heights with his ABC Superheroes. It’s basically a normal alphabet, but each letter is a superhero. It’s not too obvious who each letter portrays, but that’s the twist in it all. The kid has to really think, and if they don’t know their superheroes, this is a great way to get into the world of Marvel as well. After all, a geek’s child needs to know his or her superheroes, right?

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ABC Superheroes Alphabet Design Poster