Amazing Stop Motion Assembly Of A Lego Millennium Falcon

We have covered an enormous number of Lego builds here on Bit Rebels, and usually the articles come with some epic step-by-step images. Lately, I feel like that has become kind of boring, and I have tried to find something new, something that will refuel the inspiration we all get from seeing those crazy builds. Of course, it has nothing to do with the way these creations are built, that will never cease to amaze me. I am talking more about the presentation of the builds themselves. Pictures are all good, I know. But the Internet is so much more than just epic images of Lego builds, right?

So what could be better then than a 3D stop motion video of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon built entirely out of Lego? There is a twist to it that I think everyone will like. This dude, Francisco Prieto, took the largest off-the-shelf Lego model ever, the Millennium Falcon (model 10179) consisting of 5,195 pieces, and turned it into a 3D model. Not impressed? Well, he took every piece and modeled it himself into 3D software and then created this insane stop motion rendered build movie out of it.

The feat took him a dedicated 3 years to complete, and that alone should impress anyone. The rendering of the stop motion video alone took him 670 hours to finish. I think this definitely has to be one of the most advanced builds ever attempted. I mean, not the build itself, but the building of the whole thing in a virtual world and then rendering it all for our viewing pleasure. I am continuously watching this amazing video thinking it looks so freaking real. The lighting is incredibly realistic, and the positioning of the build itself is just perfect. Amazing is the only word I can find to explain this feat.


And here is the build in real life stop motion.

Via: [UFunk РFrench]