An Evolution in Eye Glasses: A New Way to See The World

I have been wearing glasses since I was in grade school. I guess you can say that I am hard headed because I never listen to my eye doctor. I am suppose to wear my glasses everyday, but instead, I only wear them when my eye is strained or when I have a headache. As we grow older, our body ages along with it, even our eyes. Right now I have two pairs of glasses. One that I use to read, and one that I use for distance.

I’ve had reading glasses prescribed to me ever since I started working more on the computer. My left eye is nearsighted and my right eye is farsighted, so that complicates things even more. It is quite a hassle carrying two types of glasses, and it’s even worse if you have to wear bifocals.

Now there is a new type of eye wear that lets the wearer change focus on the fly. It focuses sharply at every distance across your entire field of view. It also improves the way you see life, just like when you were younger. Trufocals is an evolution in eye wear, combining the power of a reading glasses and distance into one perfect design. The glasses have a tiny adjustable slider on the bridge of the frame that makes it possible to focus alternately on the page of a book, a computer screen or a mountain range in the distance.

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