Baby Darth Vader’s Discovery Of The Force

Before the Star Wars movies became household names for awesomeness, we didn’t know anything about the force.  It simply wasn’t a part of our vocabulary.  We had no clue what light sabres were, and we definitely didn’t know anything about a creature named Yoda or what the Death Star was.  We lived pretty much a simple and non-complicated life in the peaceful way we usually do.  However, that all changed when George Lucas started revving up that big brain of his.  Suddenly we started to become aware of a man named Darth Vader.  He was a costume covered, heavily scarred and evil figure that used something called the force to manipulate people and objects around him.  From that point on, everything changed for us.  Some people even thought the force existed in real life.

As a matter of fact, I had a classmate when I was younger who was heavily inspired by the Star Wars movies.  On his way home from the store, he thought he would try out this thing called “The Force.”  He was traveling by bike and decided to use the force to steer his way for a while.  So this epic story begins.  He closed his eyes, mumbled the legendary sentence “Let the force be with you” and started peddling.  It didn’t take too long before he crashed into a concrete road block and fell off his bike with quite a bang.  He broke his arm.  All I could think of was whether or not the force would help him heal that broken arm.  Well, there is a twist to the story.  His dad had insurance on him, so he ended up getting a wad of money.  He bought himself an Amiga 500 and a bunch of games with the cash.  As you can see, the force works in mysterious ways sometimes.

But, there is one thing I have always wondered.  What does it look like when a young Darth Vader discovers the force?  Sure, we have it all spelled out in the movie series, but seriously, where did it all begin?  Well, maybe this awesome Volkswagen commercial will shed some light on that question.  At least according to their story, Baby Darth Vader discovers the force in quite a different way than in the movies…

Baby Darth And The Doll

Baby Darth Using The Force

Baby Darth And The Crosstrainer