Beautification: The Star Wars Millennium Falcon XBox Mod

I think it’s obvious to anyone reading Bit Rebels that we really like geeky cool stuff, especially gadgets that have been customized or modded. It’s really nice to know that we aren’t just sticking to the same ole boring designs that we sometimes see in the stores when we’re hunting down our next gadget. If you go into any store today looking for a computer for example, especially a PC, then you will quickly realize that they all look pretty much the same. It’s when you step up your game and purchase something more expensive that you start noticing some differences in the exterior design. Alienware is quite good at labeling their hardware through custom design that will have you bragging about your gadget in no time.

The modders of the world never cease to find new ways to package their technology, and it’s always a pleasure to peek inside their creations to see what they have come up with. The creator of the mod that I have recently found is that of modder Mark Bongo. It caught my eye because it used something that most of us treasure and keep dear in our minds from the past. I am of course talking about the Millennium Falcon. Mr. Bongo modded his Millennium Falcon into an functional XBox console… or the other way around, depending on how you see it.

By adding a great deal of LED lights to the ship, he managed to create one hell of a mod. The side of the spaceship opens up automatically to reveal the disc tray, and the top turret has been reconfigured into a hard drive activity display (or whatever you want to call it). The whole inside of the ship is illuminated by a blueish LED light that makes and completes the whole mod in an excellent way. I am sure you will have not only your geek friends drooling over this mod, but pretty much every Star Wars fan will probably have a few things to say about it as well. However, I am afraid that it will be both good and bad. Those Millennium Falcons don’t really come cheap you know.

XBox Millennium Falcon Mod Console