Car Part Shed: Used Car Parts Get A New Purpose

If you remember when you got your first car and how special it was, then you also know that when you had the ability to upgrade it, it was not easy parting with your first love so to speak. It probably was the one thing you thought about whenever you were looking at a new car, and with good reason. However, things become old and eventually a car that was once new to someone becomes spare parts for someone else. It’s the worlds ecosystem, but it doesn’t have to end there.

Karl Wanaselja had a different idea. He sure wasn’t ready to part with his beloved car parts, so he came up with a plan. This is a plan that would give him extra storage space for nothing but hard work. He took all the bonnets that he could find and started building what would become a legendary storage shed in his yard at the back of his house.

Don’t think he cheated either. He didn’t. He used 100% old car parts to assemble this awesome build, and if you don’t believe me, I bet you can’t find anything other than car parts holding this useful artwork together. The ceiling even holds a sky window, which you don’t even find in most houses. It’s truly an inspiring build; however, I don’t think I would want it at the back of my house. What happens when it starts to rust? Hmm… but then again, it’s made from BMW parts, so maybe it won’t.