Cardboard Star Wars: Homemade AT-AT & Millennium Falcon

What would you do if you were kid, you just got home from school, it’s raining outside, and all your friends are inside playing video games? Well, you would join them of course! Back in the old days when every household didn’t have a video game console, we had to be creative. Creativity is a big word that not many people know what to do with really. If your imagination is temporary busted, and your creativity is at its lowest point, you need to grab some of that paper of yours and stare at it for a while. As a kid, I used to create large castles out of toilet paper rolls as part of my after school activities. I could build whatever I wanted, and the only thing that limited my build was actually the cardboard or paper rolls.

However, today we don’t have that problem. Instead of being creative, we see examples again and again for how we are constantly planting our butts in a chair or a couch in front of the telly or a video game, but that’s not what Matheson Harris is doing. He created what can only be described as the most impressive armada of Star Wars spaceships made out of cardboard that anyone has ever seen!

The collection spans all the way from the Millennium Falcon and the AT-AT to the Star Destroyer and the Tie Fighter. They are all there for your viewing pleasure, and there is even an X-Wing in the midst of it all. If I had Matheson’s creativity as a child, I bet I would be doing something entirely different today than hacking code and creating designs for online viewers. We all can’t do the same thing, and I am quite happy that this fella really knows his stuff because otherwise we would never have seen this ultimate collection of cardboard Star Wars spaceships. I can’t wait to see what he will come up with next. Is the awesome Death Star in the making perhaps? What do you think?

Cardboard Star Wars Space Ships

Cardboard Star Wars Space Ships