Clever and Cool Party Gadgets

For those of you who love to party at home.  Here are some of the cool items I found that will truly leave  your guests fascinated with what you have to offer for the night.

First up is the chain wine bottle.  A snake charmer, a wine buff and a welder go into a bar – the rest is history. The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is a gravity defying eye catcher, and a great way to show off your vino and get people going ‘Ooooh’ and ‘Ahhhh’ and very possibly ‘Huh?’ Made from welded chain links and cleverly designed so as to balance perfectly when you add your wine bottle of choice, it’s like having a piece of installation art on your dining table.

beer-machine_mainNext up is the Beer Machine.  Ever since pubs started being replaced by ‘bars’ it’s become increasingly difficult to buy a decent pint – and bottled beers seem to be little more than gas and weed killer. In the past homebrew was equally awful, and a lot murkier, but thanks to some astoundingly brilliant Canadians home brewed beer is now dangerously gorgeous and easy to make.

The Beer Machine is simplicity itself to use, just add the beer mixture (made from 100% natural ingredients and delightfully free of all those ghastly chemicals.), and in seven to ten days you’ll have 17 pints of really excellent beer.

Contents: Custom pressure relief valve., De-foamer system.  Carbonation unit.  Beer machine main body ( separates into 2 parts for easy cleaning), 2 extra pub style tap handles included for labelling or personalization.  Brewing guide.  One Brewers Select premium beer mix. Makes 28 – 12oz. servings.  Size: 35 x 31 x 26cm

cool-shooters-set-of-2_mainCool Shooters – Quite literally the coolest shot glasses in the world. These New York designed easy, pop-out ice mould shot glasses are the perfect accompaniment to a night of wild debauchery.   After all, if you’re going to knock back a tequila, or lose yourself in a Baileys, how better to do this than from a glass made of ice. Cool Shooters are as easy as making ice-cubes (so not much of a challenge there then), and you don’t have to limit yourself to plain old water – make your Cool Shooters out of orange or cranberry juice (great with vodka) or use melted chocolate and fill them with Malibu or something equally sickly. We sacrificed a great deal of time and effort researching the different combinations you can have with Cool Shooters. Unfortunately we didn’t write down all our research, and the rest of the night is (fortunately) all a bit of a blur. Still, that’s a fairly good indication that they’re a blast and a great way to pass, and ultimately forget, a great evening.

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