Completely Useless & Funny Fliers To Make You Giggle

We’ve all seen these kinds of fliers on telephone poles and in the supermarket, right? They usually read “Lost Dog” or “Apartment for Rent” and they have the little rip off phone number at the bottom.

Josh Millard took that concept and added a flavor of funniness, which is making a lot of people smile. As you see, there is no purpose to these fliers he made. The message on some of them doesn’t even really mean anything. They are only displayed to give people a giggle, and I think anything that brings a little extra sunshine into the world is brilliant.

If you like these, you can even make some yourself. Obviously, it’s not difficult. I’m not a very talented artist, but even I could handle typing out some funny words on my computer and clicking print. :)

[via thisblogrules, uselessfliers]