Crazy Extreme Sticky Note Experiment

We all know that sticky notes can serve a lot of different purposes besides just being little notepads. We’ve seen countless examples of that through the years here at Bit Rebels. We’ve showed you everything from office romance clips done using a whole boat load of them, to sticky notes that come in odd and cool forms and shapes. There really is a whole world out there created using sticky notes. Well, maybe not a whole world, but there sure is a lot you can do with a sticky note. This time around, we’re going to educate you about how to use sticky notes in a different way. Some people may think this is utterly pointless, but I tell you, this is something you should try because it is really addicting to watch and to continuously restart.

I am of course not only talking about the video itself, but also the actual sticky note trick. All you need to do is modify the sticky note a little and then just have some fun with it. Well, you will see what I mean when you check out this video that is once again from the Eepy Bird guys. They don’t ever seem to stop being creative, and we just love that over here at Bit Rebels. My question is how many sticky notes were used in this video? As it turns out, they have actually included that answer, and to my surprise, it was a LOT.

A whopping 280,951 sticky notes were used to create this cool video. That is a whole lot of sticky notes, and I wouldn’t want to be the one who had to count them all. Sure, they probably estimated it down to the last thousand or so using how many sticky notes are in each stack, but still, that’s a lot of sticky notes to be wasted. But then again, sticky notes are all about being wasted on useless information that we pretend we won’t remember anyways, right?

Insane Sticky Note Experiment Madness