Custom Business Cards & Holder All In LEGO

Business cards have become a subject of focus for designers all over the world. It’s seems to be a natural step for designers to design business cards at some point in their career. It’s a great way to make the first leap into the business, but the competition is fierce. You have to come up with something really unique and eye-catching in order to capture the buyer’s attention these days. After all, that is what they are after. When you hand over a business card, you want to make an impact and to be remembered. The last thing you want is for people to plonk your business card into their pocket and forget about it. That’s why you so badly need custom business cards. How about something like a custom business card made entirely out of LEGO?

It so happens that there is a really cool LEGO set now available which is entirely dedicated to building your own custom business cards out of LEGO. Yup, that is right! You can now be as unique as you want to be. Your creativity is the only limit for what you can pull together. This particular custom business card LEGO set is called LEGO Desk Business Card Holder, and it is made available by Amazon.

Don’t get fooled by the image or the name of the product though. This custom business card LEGO set comes with 150 pieces, 2 mini figurines (boy and girl) and a whole lot of letter blocks. You can put together whatever custom business card you feel like and then put them all into your LEGO business card holder. The holder is actually for the cards you receive yourself. If you are having a really lazy day at the office with nothing to do, pick up one of these custom business card LEGO sets and get to work. I bet whoever receives your business card will both remember you as well as keep your card close and ready to be peeked at. After all, they can tear it apart and play with it themselves if they want to.

Custom Business Card LEGO Set & Holder – Amazon