Cuteness Kills: Jason, Freddie And Meyers Now All Cuddly!

I don’t think it has escaped anyone who is a recent visitor and reader of Bit Rebels that I am a horror/thriller movie fanatic. I haven’t missed one slasher/gore movie since I first started checking them out back in the ’80s, or at least I don’t think I have. It’s the touch of humor and the thrill of being scared that continuously keeps me coming back for more of these classics. However, the “magic” of these franchises have lost some of their original scariness lately. It’s like they knew how to make horror flicks back in the days, but now they do not, at least not with these franchises.

That doesn’t stop us from “adoring” these little characters, and I mean that in the most humoristic way of course. The title of this post should really give you a clue as to why. That’s right, they now come in plush and cuddly dolls for you to comfort yourself after watching the up-coming Fright Night re-make. And before you ask, yes I am definitely going to check that movie out… anyone wanna come?

Jason Voorhees, Freddie (Fred) Krueger and Michael Myers are all available as 7 inch cuddly dolls over at Entertainment Earth and go for $12.99 a pop. Put these badboys on that office shelf or table, and I am sure your boss will stop bothering you for a day or two (or fire your butt). Bring the popcorn, bust out the killer dolls and load that VCR (yeah, you read it right…retro baby!) with those ’80s slasher movies. Time for a Friday night horror evening! (Making the Jason echo sound effect “Ch ch ch ch.” He really says “Jason” if you’re wondering.)