Darth Vader LEGO Headlamp Illuminates Your Path

When it comes to geeking it out, I must say I am somewhat lame in comparison to some of the more proactive geeks out there. For me, it’s more about geeking it up on a computer or online. There are probably a million ways you can geek up your every day life with geeky stuff like clothes, accessories and whatnot, but for me, it’s all about creating stuff on the computer and online. I might know my way around the intricate machine language of a computer, but when it comes to the more robust compartments of a car, I probably take about twice as long as it’s supposed to take to find the problem which is making my car not run as well as it should. Maybe that is because I’m not sporting the Darth Vader LEGO headlamp. Who knows, right?

In order to see in darkness, you need light, and who is better than Darth Vader to provide light? Well, I guess from that perspective things couldn’t be more cloudy. This Darth Vader LEGO headlamp certainly packs a punch both visually and when it comes to illuminating your path. It will serve you well to have one if the power goes out due to some bloke down at the power plant messing up. Well, usually it’s due to a big storm or something, but you can never know these days.

In all honesty, the Darth Vader LEGO headlamp is the perfect little light companion for your kid. With its geeky looks and its quite powerful illumination, it will enable your kid to go on the most epic adventures. It doesn’t matter whether these adventures are under his or her bed or in the infinite land of your backyard. This badboy will keep things lit up like the sun never went down. The Darth Vader LEGO headlamp is made available by ThinkGeek and will only set you back a geeky $18.99. It’s the first time in history of Star Wars that Darth Vader actually shows you the path to light, wouldn’t you say? This Darth Vader LEGO headlamp does just that.

Darth Vader LEGO Headlamp By ThinkGeek



Via: [Craziest Gadgets]