Death Star Floating Speaker Is The Jedi Trick You Are Looking For

The item that will make all Star Wars fans drool is here and it’s everything a Jedi trick can muster. The boring days of regular speakers are gone and you are now able to impress your rebel friends with something that would probably even puzzle Mr. Einstein himself. We are of course talking about the new and absolutely amazing Death Star floating speaker.

You have probably seen a couple of hovering toys go viral on the Internet by now, but nothing as cool as this floating speaker. Not only is it the most feared construction ever to have been built in the Star Wars galaxy, but it is also Bluetooth enabled and it glows in the dark as well. When it’s not connected, it can play your music for a good 8 hours, well enough time to impress your buddies.

It’s created by Hellosy and comes with a special sound guide cone designed to increase 3D surround effect, which can rotate 360 degrees. The Death Star speaker will levitate approximately 10mm above its stand and connects to your phone for the ultimate convenience. After all, what is a levitating Jedi trick without the ability to remotely change the music it plays through its high-quality sound system.

To say that this is not a must-have for any Star Wars fan would be a crime, however, the price tag might be a little bit of a hurdle to get over for some. Clocking it at $219.99, this Death Star speaker system will most likely become a rarity with time so investing in it now will probably be a good long-term investment if anything. I mean, busting out this rarity when you have your Star Wars fan friends over for dinner is probably going to make you the Yoda of the evening. Don’t you think?

You can pick it up over at Amazon for the mentioned price of $219.99. You better hurry up, though, this floating speaker is bound to sell out fast. The Star Wars community is large these days and there are thousands of fans willing to cough up the credits for this majestical piece of technology. Question is, are you the chosen one? Are you the Jedi that will wield its power? – Let us know in the comments below!

Star Wars – Death Star Floating Speaker

Death Star Floating Speaker

Death Star Floating Speaker

Death Star Floating Speaker