Death Star Grill Turns Your Barbecue Into A Star Wars Adventure

My thoughts are never too far from a good barbecue with friends and family. Sure, it’s not the most common of events since work has to come first, but when the summer is looming, I can’t wait to relax for a few hours and just enjoy the company. For a dedicated person, it’s anything but easy to let go of all the things you want to accomplish and do, and the moments that make life full of memories unfortunately come second hand. However, for a geek, throwing a barbecue is a whole endeavor. First off, you have to make sure that the tools you use are up to par with your lifestyle. It might sound easy as can be, but it’s quite the opposite.

But don’t fret, there are a few things that you can pick up in order to spice up that barbecue party you are about to throw. Just have a look at the awesome Death Star grill for example. It will ensure that your barbecue stays within geek territory and that Star Wars is never too far away. I assure you that a barbecue with this as the center piece can hardly can get any more memorable. When I searched for this badboy, I actually found a lesser detailed Death Star grill as well.

This primary Star Wars themed food preparation device is seemingly a one-off, so you might have to keep looking. That is, unless the owner of this thing feels like parting with it is a good idea. I doubt that will happen anytime soon though. It looks like it must have taken quite some time to put this thing together. Besides, summer is almost on top of us, and what could be better than throwing a party with this grill, right? So, maybe you have to settle for the less advanced one. I know, it sucks, but the second choice ain’t too bad either. Well, actually it can’t even compare to the advanced Death Star grill. So, I guess we’re off sobbing in a corner somewhere.



Via: [Walyou]