Dog Muzzle Concept Aims To End All The Quacking

I have to admit that I think it is quite cute when people dress up their dogs in costumes. It has become yet another online phenomenon that is growing in popularity. You can always find something really hilarious when it comes to animals dressed up in various ways. One thing that I think has slipped our minds is, what are the dogs actually experiencing when they are wearing those outfits? I am quite sure that dogs can feel ashamed, so who knows what they are feeling while wearing these things. At the same time, I am sure there are dogs out there that love the attention it gives them. So when I stumbled over this Dog Muzzle, I was weirded out by it not knowing if I should write about it. Then I decided I wanted your opinion about it.

The fact that a dog muzzle was even created and developed to keep your dog from biting is another great example of how weird our world is. I am thinking someone sat at his or her desk somewhere and thought, what can I create that is both ridiculous and going to shame the heck out of a dog? Fortunately there is humor in the world, and even I can think, from a certain perspective, that this could be quite a hilarious product. Whether or not the dog thinks it’s funny is of course questionable.

If you think this is the dog muzzle of choice for your dog, you can get it from Shop Winkl in Japan. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that a dog must feel so weird wearing this dog muzzle. I mean, it’s created to make you laugh, and quite frankly, it makes the dog look really weird. The dog looks like some fable animal that we haven’t seen before. I wonder, maybe the 2.0 version will have a translator in it as well which makes the dog’s barks sound like a duck quacking. I don’t know, anything seems possible, especially when people keep dreaming up stuff like this.

Duck Quacking Dog Muzzle Concept




Via: [Craziest Gadgets]