Draw or Write Forever: The Pencil That Never Ends!

Everyone that likes to doodle or write poems knows that a good pencil always runs out at some point. Even if it has been your favorite pencil, there is nothing you can do about it. All good things come to an end as the saying goes. However, does it have to be like that? I personally always try to find a solution for things, but this one is so wacky cool that it is too simple to even cross someone’s mind… until now that is.

Designers U Jung Heo and Sa Yoeng Kim truly came up with something that every school kid could use, the “Continuous Pencil” (which won an iF Concept Design award this year). Even though it’s such a wacky solution (why not just find a new pencil anyways), it is so cool that I would buy it just because it’s so unusual.

When your pencil is about to run out, you just add another one by attaching it to the end of the stump that is left by your current one. That way, you can keep writing without having to sharpen a new one or even try to find one. Sure, it’s a little bit odd, I admit that. However, you must agree that is quite a geeky way to save yourself the trouble of finding a new favorite pencil. If anything, it’s creative.

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Neverending Pencil Concept Article Image

Neverending Pencil Concept Article Image

Neverending Pencil Concept Article Image