Edible Accessories – The Picnic Is Saved!

I have always felt that women go way out of their way to look sexy and cool. I mean, I am no expert on it (even though I wear a lot of guy accessories myself from time to time) but sometimes I just don’t get their fully armed arsenal wardrobe. If they feel better wearing that stuff, I am not going to be the one who tells them not to. However, the gazillion inch heels and what not just don’t look comfortable if you ask me.

Believe it or not, there are some very weird accessories on the market right now. So weird, in fact, that they actually make a little bit of sense, not to mention that they have a dual purpose which we know that the ladies always love, right? More for the buck, and everyone is in luck.

Designer Fulvio Bonavia decided that women don’t have enough edible accessories… or whatever his thought pattern was when he created this line of fashionable products. I don’t think these are for an ongoing line of retail accessories, but he did manage to snap a few images of his creations before they went sour (I guess) and expired. Sure, fashion is a trend, but I never thought that they would be a fresh commodity.

What is really cool about these accessories though is that they sure do make sense during a picnic or a long road trip. Just have yourself a bite off that belt or purse, and you’re good to go for another few miles. After that, you could always take a bite out of that hat of yours… I think you get the picture by now.