Extinction Timeline: Everything Has An Expiration Date

No matter how much we try, there will always be an expiration date for pretty much everything.  Even time itself seems to have an ending date, even though it doesn’t seem to be within the boundaries of what we humans call eternity.  The question is really if we reflect over it all, what are we most likely not to ever see again here on this blue planet?  I am not just talking about animals and plants.  I am talking about pretty much everything from computers to presidents.

Take the Nintendo NES for example.  It was the coolest thing back in the 80s, but since then, it’s been less and less featured in our modern time society.  As with everything, things go out of style and soon they will be extinct.  An infographic, or timeline if you will, compiled with information from Creative Commons, Future Trends Book, What’s Next and Future Exploration Network is the ultimate tool to predict the future in a more factual way.

However, I wouldn’t bet my life on everything put in here even though most of it seems to be pretty accurate.  As we all know, technology can change overnight, and to think that we won’t be able to put a stopper in aging, for example, would be like saying we will never travel outside our own solar system.  In time, everything will be possible, at least if you believe it will be.

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Informative Extinction Map Timeline Infographic