Facebook Shower Curtain: No More Hiding Behind The Screen

So there you are, thinking you are safe behind the screen while networking on Facebook, right? No one can see you and the constantly changing security improvements make your information ultimately secure, or at least they say it is. Some people feel like sharing everything they do and feel, while others seemingly just want a profile on the world’s largest social network platform. Some don’t even have a profile picture which results in a pretty empty profile page. It is up to everyone how they want to come across on the Interwebs, and there should be no judging. We are all different, and we all have different preferences when it comes to social networking.

However, for the ones who would like to take things just a little bit further, there is a new and fresh little twist to the whole Facebook concept. It is the Facebook Shower Curtain that will leave you with no security at all. Well, this would be true if it was an interactive one. This little creation is actually just a ploy where a Facebook page is printed on a shower curtain (obviously!) with a little window on it in which you can look out, which makes the whole concept ultimate funny.

But beware, as paranoid as some people are with the whole Facebook user security measures, some of these might just have a built in camera to live stream you onto the reigns of Facebook while you take a shower. You never know, right? Nah, it’s for fun, and it is rightly featured here on Bit Rebels because of its geeky concept and interesting approach. This way, you will never have to update your Facebook profile picture by uploading it. All you have to do is to take a shower and check if the towel is in place, and you are done. See, this is how easy updating your Facebook profile picture should be. The Social Shower Curtain is available over at Spinning Hat for just $14.99 a pop.

Facebook Social Shower Curtain Concept

Via: [UFunk – French]