Off The Hook: A Shower Head For Talkative People

Staying on that smartphone of yours all day will no doubt make you an addict before long. Maybe you have trouble sleeping, or maybe you just can’t put the phone down if your life depended on it. I agree that there is a lot you can do these days on a phone that will keep you occupied for hours. You can play games, surf or network with people all day long. That has never been a problem since we were given all of these options. However, when time comes for you to put the phone on the night stand or in the dock, you most likely going through a gallery of facial expressions before you commit to the idea.

If you find yourself to be just like what I have described then you should have a look at the Off The Hook shower head. It might help you detox yourself from the addiction of always being on the phone instead of socializing for real and breathing the fresh air outside. It’s a retro handheld phone made into a shower head that will have you talking to your imaginary friend while taking a shower.

There will be no more wasting time on your smartphone when you have this in your shower. You’ll get squeaky clean while battling that addiction of yours. It’s a new product from Mustard. It’s not yet in stock, but keep an eye out for it. After all, it’s a sure bet that whenever you take a shower there will always be someone to network with through the phone even though it’s with yourself. Suddenly the Batphone is located in the shower of all places. I can’t help but refer to that phone since this one is red, and the one in Batman was also red if I am not mistaken.

Off The Hook Shower Head

Off The Hook Shower Head

Off The Hook Shower Head

Via: [Chip Chick]