For Geeks & Workaholics: An Inflatable Window With A View

It is so funny to me that someone even invented this little gag. What a sign of the times! Everyone works so hard these days, and we often wish we could get out of that cubicle (or jail cell) to see the light of day. But with many of us working from sunrise to sunset, unless we make a specific effort to get out of the office during lunchtime, it’s just not happening.

You know what they say… workaholics and geeks both look up the weather forecast and temperature on their computers instead of taking the time to get out of that chair and walk outside. All joking aside, it is pretty silly that we think whatever we are spending all those hours doing at our desks is more important than seeing the world around us every once in a while. I’m now officially motivated to take a walk outside today. @Minervity, I’ll be taking 30 minutes off for that, ok? Lol Well, if you absolutely have no time to get out of the office, or if you are stuck in your basement or prison where there are no windows, I have the solution for you. This is an inflatable window with a great view of the ocean and palm trees. It comes in a convenient can, and blows up in a matter of minutes.

Of course you won’t be able to feel the ocean breeze or see those palm trees sway in the wind. You won’t be able to order a margarita with those little umbrellas from the pool boy or smell suntan oil. You won’t be able to feel the waves or… Oh, I’ve digressed into my fantasy vacation. I guess to experience the real thing, we’ll have to get out of these chairs and actually leave the office. You can purchase your own fake window at Perpetual Kid.

Fake Window With A View

Prison with no Windows

Via: [Perpetual Kid]