Gamers: The Industry Definition [Infographic]

There is a slight misconception that gamers are all kids and teenagers, and that they are the ones who fuel the gaming industry with their cash (or their parent’s cash that is). Even though that is of course not entirely false, it’s important to know that there are a lot of “grown-ups” that buy games as well, if not more adults than kids. Statistics in this area can be a little obscured by the fact that the parents buy the games for their kids if there is a required age on the games. This is usually the case nowadays since the games are becoming more and more gory and bloody, but still parents tend to haul their butts to the store to keep their kids entertained on the weekends.

Fresh industry statistics; however, point to a whole different reality that I know you will have a hard time accepting. The statistics are carefully compiled, and what emerges is something of a shocker really. I am not talking about the influence games have on grown-ups or teenagers since that would be hard to visually present in all honesty. No, I am talking about the average age of a gamer in general and all the statistics around that.

The thing that startles me the most is of course the fact that the average gamer for example is 34 years old. That’s a huge step away from the common perception of gamers being teenagers all around age 18 and younger. Maybe that’s a result of the more mature games that have been released through recent years, or maybe it’s just that gamers from back in the ’80s never really stopped playing games. It will be quite interesting to see the development as the years go by since that will tell us why it is that the average age is constantly getting older and older.

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Video Game Industry Statistics Infographic

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