Geek Gang Signs

Alright, so I set out on a quest last week looking for some kind of sub culture when it comes to being a “Geek”. Looked through pretty much each and every place I could think of and found tons of interesting material. Some about clothes, glasses and tons of other wearable items. There was also a huge resource of interesting guides and grade scales on what kind of geek you are and how to improve it. Quite fun and very original and I will probably make a post here on Bit Rebels about all of it in a few days when I have gathered everything together and put into context.

One of the more interesting things I found, which also later turned out to be an adaptation from original gang signs in Los Angeles and New York, is how we geeks can communicate with gang signs much like any other gang of like minds.

So, check it out and learn the trade you all!

Geek Gang Signs