Mirrored Glasses Allow Horizontal TV Watching

Sometimes innovation has to get quirky in order to make a leap forward when it comes to comfort. Think of it as a way of cheating innovation and instead having fun while you still make progress. Plenty of people have incorporated fun and humor into their projects and found that it was exactly what was needed to get the project off the ground. The Lazyglasses presented by ThinkGeek are proof of that. These mirrored glasses could make a significant impact on how we watch TV.

I think we have featured similar glasses before, but those didn’t serve the same purpose that these mirrored glasses do. Have you ever wanted to be able to lay down on the couch and watch TV horizontally, but you never enjoyed the TV from that point of view? That is exactly what these mirrored glasses are supposed to fix. If you decide to get a pair of these geeky glasses, I assure you that you will have a whole new experience to look forward to.

These are really nothing more complicated than a pair of glasses with a couple of mirrors attached to the front of them. These mirrored glasses allow you to lay down and still get the picture of the TV in the same angle as what you would get if you were to sit up. This is a breakthrough for couch potatoes who can’t seem to find that one gadget that could possibly enhance their laziness.

If you are one of the many people who is tired of having to sit up when watching TV (after all, sitting is bad for you, we all know that by now), these mirrored glasses called Lazyglasses are going to make you infinitely more lazy. They are only $15.99, and I am sure if you’re looking for a whole new level of comfort, these are the glasses you have to check out.

ThinkGeek’s Mirrored Glasses For Lazy TV Watching