Geeks Store Their Cables The Recycled Way!

Sometimes I get really annoyed by the massive amount of cords that I have laying on the floor around my workstation at the office in order to have the fullest and most extreme experience in front of the computer. We’re talking two computers, a bunch of USB gear, three monitors, a speaker system (including subwoofer) and a bunch of docks for various gadgets. When everything is connected, it’s like a maze of cables aligning the edges of the wall. That’s fine when you have those bands to wrap around them to form a thick snake of a cable bundle, but when they are disconnected, what are you to do with the loads of cables that you no longer have a use for? In my world, you create a little hanger inside a storage space only to find a couple of hours later that this little ingenious holder didn’t really meet the weight requirements for the number of cables I put on it. As you can imagine, it didn’t hold that well.

However, if you’re a geek like me, you probably have a bunch of CD or DVD spindles around that you thought about finding a use for when they were empty, but they are still laying around empty and unused. Here comes the kicker. Why not bundle your cables neatly inside of those badboys and store them neatly in a storage space? I mean, that’s the only way you’ll be able to find exactly what you need exactly when you need it. The real benefit here is that you don’t even need to untangle them all when you have found what you need. Just roll it out and you’re all set to go.

Sometimes the solution can be staring us in the face without us even noticing it. Solutions like this are too simple to even hit us all. The second-hand benefit of using this solution is of course that in an instant you will have found a recycling use for those old plastic spindles. What more can you ask for? Solution provided by bBNKp.