These Ghostbusters Wall Hooks Will Drive The Wicked Spirits Away

If the theme song of Ghostbusters always manages to bring a smile to your face then these ghost trap wall hooks will be right up your street. Yes, you heard it right! The clever people at Dave’s Geeky Ideas have come up with a design for Ghostbusters inspired wall hooks, for a tiny theme house based on the movie. Considering the massive fan following of Ghostbusters, we are quite sure that Dave must be bombarded with requests for the full-size versions of these amazing wall hooks. These miniature beauties resemble the ghost traps, which our favorite characters used to capture the evil spirits, to a tee. Who wouldn’t want to hang their coats on these delightful contraptions?

If you live in a land of endless summer and do not own a single coat, there is no need to fret; you can still use these nifty devices to hide the keys to your secret laboratory! Of course, these ghost traps are not as humble as they appear to be. They come with a concealed chamber where you can store anything, from the blueprints of your next breakthrough invention to the recipe for your family’s famous pot roast, just make sure that it is no larger than your thumb. Originally designed for keeping your keys safe, you can rack your brains to come up with creative ideas for utilizing this hidden compartment, just like the Ghostbusters would!

All those who have been living under a rock or simply don’t care for fantastic movies can also benefit from owning these ghost trap wall hooks. They will be a perfect addition to your home, well, provided you have a yellow and black themed hallway. [pullquote]These coat hooks are so utilitarian that you can even consider repainting your walls to match their brilliant colors.[/pullquote] They will protect your beds from being piled up with coats each time you host a party, your OCD personality will cringe no longer, thanks to the ghost trap wall hooks. These cute little hooks will also ensure that you never lose your keys unless you trap an actual ghost inside them and he manages to make them disappear!

Whether you believe in supernatural forces or not, it is always advisable to have a spare ghost trap at hand, in case some evil spirit decides to make an appearance. In fact, the ghosts won’t even dare to bother you when they sense the presence of a ghost trap in your property. On the other hand, the humans who step into your home would want some for themselves. You might finally need to install that burglar alarm that you have been procrastinating about. After all, these wall hooks are ghost proof, not robber proof!

If the fear of paranormal powers has been keeping you up at night, you can finally relax, the Ghostbusters are here! No more sleepless nights with the potent magic of the ghost trap at your disposal. We hope that Dave has patented this idea because these wall hooks are destined to make millions of dollars. We cannot wait for these to hit the stores! – For all you Ghostbusters fanatics out there, here are even more amazing custom Ghostbusters creations.

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