Go Elf Yourself!

You heard me… Go Elf Yourself!

Last year OfficeMax started a viral marketing campaign where you could upload an image of your own face into an animated video (by JibJab) and dance around as an elf. Yes, sure it sounds silly, but it was a hit amongst friends and co-workers and always made for a good laugh.

As Christmas is quickly approaching, the site is gaining popularity once again.  ElfYourself.com has made it easy and fun to whip up your own holiday video… all you need are a few faces. Choose from 5 different tunes to dance to and then share it with others on facebook or twitter.

Check out this Hip-Hop group routine I put together. See if you recognize any of  “Santa’s little helpers”. Follow the link below the video to create your own dance… go ahead, Elf-Yourself!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

OfficeMax took it one further this year when the Elf Yourself Elves took over Union Square in New York with a dancing flash mob!