Gooey Eyeballs and Bloody Brains Candy: Yum!

When we were kids, I remember we would wait patiently for Halloween to come. My parents would dress up in real cool costumes and hand us our loot bags that we would then fill up with goodies. We would go door to door and yell “trick or treat.” Of course, we got loads of candies by 9pm. When we got home, we would sort out the candies we liked so we could eat them. I think that was the only time my parents let us eat as much candy as we wanted.

I must admit, the candies available now are much cooler than the ones we had when we were kids. I found these Bloody Brains and Gooey Eyeballs Candy, which sell for $3.99. I bet the kids who get it for Halloween will be thrilled about it, maybe the adults will enjoy it too.

Bloody Brains and Gooey Eyeballs Candy are a delicious candy concoction that come in a container with blood, well candy blood that is. Plus, you can give a friend a scare with the fake gooey eyeballs! I remember every year my older brother tried to pull a stunt like this on us when we were kids, but it was all in good fun! Yum Yum!