Grilltendo: Become The Master Of Your Barbecue Party

Alright, so even if there is still snow on the ground, I am looking forward to that first barbecue that is looming in the horizon. It will be quite some time because I reckon the snow won’t melt away for at least another month or so. Even after that, there is no point in having a barbecue if the temperature isn’t at least warm enough for a t-shirt. But for inventive people, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the awesome spices and memories that a good barbecue party might entail.

For some, that means to clean the grill from last season’s frenetic grilling and stock up on the coal or gas (depending on what you prefer). Some people even invest in a brand new, super high tech grill that looks like a spaceship but does pretty much the same as a simple grill.

For Greg Matta though, the design is what it’s all about. The cool and flavor is all in the execution of your grill, and it should show off that geekiness that you harbor inside. Greg created what we here at Bit Rebels think is the ultimate geek grill that just sets him and it apart from any master-of-the-meat out there. Say hello to the Grilltendo!

It’s a grill that will POWER UP your technique and flavor by at least a dozen levels. All Greg needed was a bit of spray paint and some creativity, and the Super Mario Grill dubbed the Grilltendo was born. So behold all you Super Mario freaks out there, get in touch with Greg for the ultimate super geek barbecue party! Don’t forget to bring the awesomesauce!