Halloween Alter Egos: The Guide To What You Should Be [Infographic]

Yes, the time of the scarecrow looms in the horizon, and we are all getting ready to jump out of the shadows in hopes of giving someone we love a lesser heart attack. You know it, I am talking about Halloween of course. It’s the time to watch scary movies, eat ghost shaped candy, and carve the devil into the flesh of a pumpkin. What could be more fun when it’s getting darker and darker outside as we get ever closer to Christmas. Millions of people love this time of year (including me), and the way we celebrate it is usually measured in how much we have spent to make it the best Halloween ever.

That brings up the question of whether or not you have decided what you are going to be or wear yet. Have you managed to lock down the fright night theme of the Halloween evening that will make you the king or queen of scare tactics? I bet a lot of you haven’t even started to think about it yet since we are still a few weeks away from the actual event. Well, you don’t have to panic (even though that might be quite in the spirit of this season) since we have managed to track down the guide that will help you decide.

It’s the Halloween Alter Egos infographic that will point out, depending on what age and gender you are and of course what you want to accomplish, just what kind of costume and theme you should go with to best impress your fright night friends. When looking at this, I get more and more excited about the whole Halloween “thang,” and after writing this article (and probably after I have done what I am supposed to this day), I will track down a few costumes to choose from and then just let those marinate for a while. There’s nothing like a little secret planning before the horror is unleashed, right? Hmm, did I just completely ruin the secret altogether? DOH!

Halloween Alter Egos Costume Infographic