Harry Potter vs. Star Wars: The Similarities Are Striking

As we are drawing ever closer to the release of the last installment of the now critically acclaimed fantasy series Harry Potter, there is of course a huge void being opened. Fans keep wishing that there will be more books about the famous wizard, and that J.K.Rowling will pen other stories around the world she meticulously created. Only the ones who have read all the books know what will happen in the last movie, but what will happen after that is probably more important. Is the world of Harry Potter going to cease to exist? We just don’t know. One thing is for sure, and that is that the Harry Potter movies will become as famous as the Star Wars franchise. It’s just how it is.

Once you start to look into why the Harry Potter movies are such a success, it’s easy to look over to the Star Wars movies to see if there are any similarities. And lo and behold, there are more than you would ever think. It almost seems like the whole Harry Potter world is built up according to the laws and looks of the Star Wars concept. Some rather awesome movie fanatic has been looking through the movies frame by frame and found some shocking discoveries.

Could it be that Harry Potter is building on the success of the Star Wars movies in our subconscious memories? Well, judging from the evidence found, that seems to be the way it is. Sure, it’s a whole different story and all, but the similarities are striking once you start to compare the two. Does this mean you can just take these into account when making a new movie and it will automatically become a success franchise? I guess someone is bound to give it a try sometime. Have a look at these frames yourself and tell me what you think. This is kind of freaky… honestly it is! PS: It switches up halfway through and my guess is that it’s to once again gain your attention. Err…

Harry Potter vs Star Wars

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