Hello Steve: Creator Of Hello Kitty Makes A Steve Jobs Tribute Doll

It seems we just can’t stop talking about the genius of our time, Steve Jobs. And by all means, he is worthy of all the praise in the world. If it wouldn’t have been for him, we probably wouldn’t have half of the gadgets we use on a daily basis. Not only am I pretty sure that more and more households out there have at least one product from Apple, but if it wasn’t for the i-products, many of the non-Apple products that we use would have never been invented. Companies follow the leader, and without a doubt, Apple is the lighthouse within the technology sector these days. However, it seems people are trying to do more than that since Steve Jobs’ tragic passing. They are trying to profit from it in every way possible.

It has come to light that Sanrio, the home and manufacturer of the Hello Kitty concept, made some concept designs, together with LoungeFly, of a Hello Steve doll. When the companies were asked how they could possibly not find it appalling to profit from someone’s death, they simply said they made it as an homage and tribute to the Steve Jobs legacy. Whether the doll will be available for purchase or if it is just a publicity stunt remains to be seen. The fact that they even contemplated it should upset even the most laid back Apple product user.

When Apple fanboys caught up with the news, all hell broke loose and Sanrio was supposedly bashed hard for it. Apple fans know how to preserve the true memory of the Apple founder. I find it interesting that the idea was even considered since Apple constantly shuts down copycats and people who are trying to make a buck off of the passing of their late founder and chief. Only the future will tell where this will end, but don’t expect to see some cuddly Hello Steve dolls around anytime soon. I think we’d do best in remembering Steve as he really was, the founder of one of the world’s most successful brands ever, and a dedicated never-ending inventor of the future.

Hello Steve Jobs Doll Concept

Via: [InventorSpot]