How Cats Cool Down During Hot Summer Days

Just a few days ago summer hit Sweden, and today it’s scorching hot over here. Cooling down is all about drinking a lot of water and staying in the shade. For some, the summer is a season they dread. I am of course talking about all the furry animals that simply hide from any direct sunlight during the hot days of summer. There is no real way for them to cool down, and I am sure they keep looking for water constantly. There are some cats out there that have refined their approach when it comes to cooling down, and it even beats the ideas that us humans have from time to time.

We’ve all seen the millions (I am sure) of videos on YouTube where cats do the silly, cute, evil and cool things they do, and some are quite entertaining. However, it is when they don’t know we are watching that the really inventive stuff happens. In this collage of images initially compiled by the awesome guys over at 9Gag, you will see some rather unique and genius ways some cats get their chill on.

Is it just me or have cats gone overboard when it comes to YouTube? I have seen the most lame videos on YouTube with cats pretty much doing nothing, but just because they are cute and all, they get a ton of likes. Honestly, I am quite intrigued by that phenomenon. So, if anyone knows why this is, you are more than welcome to comment and tell me what that is about. I mean, an awesome gadget doesn’t even get as many likes as a cute, simple, idle cat gets. #TheWorldIsSometimesOdd

Summer Chilling Like A Cat