How Star Wars Changed The World [Infographic]

Many times we have mentioned here on Bit Rebels how Star Wars has changed the world.  There are more gizmos and gadgets then we really care to acknowledge that have come from those movies, and it’s not about to stop anytime soon.  We are inspired about a future full of robots, droids and gadgets that will make our living so much easier.  Having a clone that goes to work to fulfill your daily quota isn’t too far away some scientists and engineers say.  But why?  Why would we have to have a clone that “went” to work in our place?  I mean, they could just as well nail it to the desk over there as far as I am concerned.

The ways Star Wars has affected us are more than we will ever know.  To say that George Lucas is the father of the future would be to overstate his importance just a tad.  But still, it’s not too far from the truth if you think about it.  Phil Coffman (I think he is the author of this infographic, if I am wrong please correct me) knows this, and he created a stunning infographic back in 2008 that will surely make you a believer in the force.

It depicts the importance and the influence George Lucas and his company, LucasArts, along with Star Wars franchise itself has had on the world of entertainment.  We all have a little piece of Star Wars in us, and even if you’re born after the first trilogy was released, you can still call yourself a Star Wars fan.  It just never gets old.  So to all of you out there… may the force be with you and let the future unfold as it should.

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How Star Wars Changed Future