How To: Break YouTube The Desperado Way

I am what you would call an Internet advertiser’s worst nightmare. Why? Well, I don’t much click on ads unless they speak to my geeky senses. I always feel like I am ignoring important messages when they are added to a website in the form of an ad, and that has lead me to completely disregard ads if they don’t catch my interest right when I enter a website. Yeah I know, sometimes ads can actually be quite interesting and useful. They are not all bad, and I think that we’ve been lucky to have so many awesome advertisers on Bit Rebels so far. They are creative, and their products pretty much speak to the community we are building.

There are always those kinds of ads that poke at our attention a little bit extra though. They let us interact and choose what will be shown to us next. Yup, there are those kind of ads, and they always give us a reason for giving them our valuable time. The most memorable one was of course the “Ninja” ad on YouTube that pretty much caught everyone’s interest and became a viral sensation. I haven’t seen much of those ads since… Well, until now that is.

If you didn’t already know, there is a way to actually break YouTube. I mean like really break it! The people over at Desperado totally know how to do it, and you will be excited about the way they managed to put it all together. I don’t want to ruin the surprise; however, dress up for a party because there is going to be some dancing involved. That’s all I am saying, so get your booty over to the Desperado spot on YouTube and start playing the video. You won’t regret it.

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Desperado Interactive YouTube Ad Design