How To: Build Your Own Paper Commodore SX-64

Are you ready to cut some corners in order to get an old school computer on your desk? Well, here is your chance. And when I say “cut corners,” I of course mean it literally. Ever since I owned a Commodore C-64, I have been into coding. That’s why every computer has a special place in my mind and heart, even though I know how geeky that sounds. But, it’s perfectly true. I am sure that anyone with an interest in computers remembers this household computer and even had a chance to mess around with it.

You can now create its predecessor all in paper. Wouldn’t it be awesome to show off your geekdom and potentially your skills in paper craft at work or in your home office? This tutorial and template will let you print, cut and fold your very own Commodore SX-64 computer in full color to flaunt to your friends and loved ones. It’s created by the brilliant mind of Erik Schubach.

Well, it’s not so much of a tutorial as it is a template. In either case, you will have the possibility to do something that will catch the attention of pretty much everyone that enters your domain. At this very moment, my printer is out of ink, and I can’t try this one out myself unfortunately (dangit!!), but be perfectly sure this is the first thing I will print when I get them ink thingies replaced. #HowCoolIsThis! For a full sized template, please visit Erik’s website.