How to Correctly Open a Banana – Monkey Style

So, it turns out me and everyone I know have opened a Banana the wrong way our entire lives. I have always thought that banana’s could only be opened that one way and always been rejecting any other way of doing it. If you live you learn and this me included. When I watched this for the first time I thought to myself that this guy has to be joking. What’s the joke in the whole clip…but how wrong I was. It actually turned out to be a much more efficient way of pealing the banana to get to the actual fruit.

Watch carefully, you are about to have a live altering experience. You will forever be transformed into a better person opening a banana without getting pissed that you have to dig your finger in to the stem in order to be able to peal it. Or are you just pissed that you didn’t think about this yourself? LOL

How to Open a Banana – Monkey Style