How To: Get Rid Of iPhone Pocket Syndrome

A few decades ago, many people had “Pack-Of-Cigarettes Pocket Syndrome.” Remember that? These days, it’s “iPhone Pocket Syndrome.” I walk around with my iPhone in the back pocket of my jeans all the time. I also chomp gum with my mouth open and hardly ever wear shoes. Okay, maybe not, but since I live in the heart of the South, this isn’t as much of a problem for me. Here, we are somewhat expected to be a little fashion-backwards, so it’s no biggie; however, in some cities, I can see this might be a huge fashion no-no.

Most of us carry our smartphones with us everywhere. I know I do. My iPhone is never more than five feet away from me. I don’t use it much for the cell phone part, but I have an unlimited data plan because I use the Internet on it more often than the U.S. federal government spends money. I’m completely addicted. So, since we aren’t going to stop carrying our phone with us, how can we keep it from turning our hot jeans into a hot mess?

Lucky for us, Instructables member tewharau has the ultimate solution. According to a scientific study he references, 41% of people put their iPhones in their right front pocket and 34% of people put it in their left front pocket. Hmm… I’m a back pocket kind of girl, I wonder what that means. There is good news and bad news about his solution. The bad news is that it actually requires sewing (does anyone really know how to do that anymore?). The good news is that it truly is a brilliant solution that should take less time to implement than it takes to go buy a needle and thread. You can check it out in detail by clicking over to Easy Fix For Horizontal iPhone Pocket Syndrome.

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