Retro Jeans Deliver The Ultimate Gaming Geek Fashion

It is sometimes hard to determine the difference between something retro and something that could potentially just be vintage. The words are sometimes intermingled into meaning something is old, yet it has a certain affection value. Retro, on the other hand, is highly attached to the ’80s for most people, and it’s hard to change that perception. Usually retro things have to do with gaming or the styles, whether it is fashion (like a pair of retro jeans), gadgets or the slang words that were popular back then. We use the word retro here a lot, and I guess it’s because we too, just like so may of you, still want more of the retro stuff that was available back in the days when computers, gaming and music devices were still in their infancy.

When it comes to clothing, there is something that is produced today that will make even the most hardcore retro traveler drool out of pure excitement. It’s a pair of retro jeans that is making its rounds on the Internet right now. These jeans sport some of the most legendary game characters that you can think of, and if you were ever to put these retro jeans on and wear them in public, you can expect to get a lot of attention.

There are of course a lot of retro jeans out there that take us back to the early ’80s, but few incorporate the gaming madness that these retro jeans do. You will even find characters from Donkey Kong, Metroid and a few other games. Super Mario is of course present on these jeans as well. Some say it is 8-bit all around, but it has come to my attention that Sonic, who is portrayed right underneath the left front pocket, is actually 16-bit. So, I guess calling them 8-bit jeans would be a dangerous path to tread. There are a lot of people out there who know their gaming characters, so I guess we’ll stick to that. I think I will just end this article by saying, retro jeans FTW!

Retro Jeans Made By deviantART User GoodAsh03




Via: [Walyou]