How To Grill Amazing Marshmallows Like A True Pirate

Let’s once again venture into the creative landscape of grilling. Wait, what? Alright, maybe grilling ain’t that creative after all. Usually, you’re just standing there, pouring on some marinade, and making sure the meat is kept juicy at all times. Yup, that’s pretty much what it is for most people. Then we, of course, have the hardcore people (like the people dedicated and creative people over at Outdoorsy) who go out of their way to make their “rig” and their grilling look almost like an art in itself. My brother is one of those people. He can literally spend hours in front of his grill making sure everything is just right. He even built his own grill just to cater his perfectionist needs. It’s probably not the most beautiful grill you have ever seen, and it’s actually more like an eyesore. However, the food that comes off it is ultimately tasty.

If you want to chuck some effort into your grilling and poke a hole in the statement that grilling is boring, have a look at the pirate way of “grilling.” This Pirate Ship Fire Pit is one of those things that will totally make your camping trip worth it. I mean, have you ever hauled one of these badboys with you a few miles into the bushes? I guess not. I am sure it’s an endeavor that has to be caught on video to really make sense.

You have to admit though, this thing will make the storytelling at the end of the night a heck of a lot more intriguing. I bet there are a lot of people out there who would want one of these in their backyard. But, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down a purchase place for this thing, thus leading me to believe it is a one off creation. In order to see it in real life (and perhaps use it), I guess you’ll have to track down the owner to see if you’ll be able to attend one of his or her forest adventures. Captain! Ye boat is on fire… Yarrrr!!!


Via: [Geekologie]