How To: Make A Transparent Nike Shoe Aquarium

I must admit, I never thought I would write that title, but here it is. As odd as it seems, it’s actually quite a nifty little idea to use as a short term location for your small water lifeforms. It comes complete with an oxygen supplier pump and all. The Japanese always come up with the coolest, however wackiest, things and this has to be among the weirdest ones I have seen. I get somewhat of a Mythbusters feeling when I watch this. It’s rather cool how they get it all to work.

Even though it might look cruel to the fish when they are dropped into this limited sized living area, I am sure it’s only for a short period of time. The Nike shoe could work perfectly as a birthday present delivery package if you ever decide to give away a few fish to someone that is feeling lonely.

I certainly give this an “A” for creativity, however an “F” for animal protection grade. Then again, they really did everything to make sure the little fish had a nice place to stretch their fins. I wonder what size they decided to use for their little experiment. You would think they would have gone with the biggest size they could find. It’s still really well done and truly creative.