Shoe Pants Make It All So Much Easier

You all know that I sometimes write a lot about time optimization and how to get more out of your day. In order for us here at Bit Rebels to produce the amount of content that we do and still be able to handle everything that goes on behind the scenes, we are constantly looking over our procedures and how we do stuff. Whatever we can do in order to save a minute here and there helps us to create even more content and features for your enjoyment. So as today’s spirit is all about that, I thought I might find something that could give you a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to time optimization.

It comes in the geeky form of a pair of pants. Wait, what? Yup, these pants aren’t your usual kind that you slip on in the morning and whisk off to put on your shoes. Nope, New York-based artist Sebastian Errazuriz has a whole different idea about time optimization. He’s created the Shoe Pants. They are probably as awesome as they sound, and I think if these become the fashion of the year, we would all have more time to spend on networking, art creation and statistics. Alright maybe not, but we would have more time for other things.

These pants are quite easy to create too. All you need to do really is to attach your pants to your shoes, and there you go. As soon as you slip into the pants, your shoes are on as well. I don’t know if it would be a fit for the European population since the tradition of wearing shoes inside is not present here. However, it is certainly a cool concept if you’re living in the US and want a quick way of getting to school or work. People will stare, yes, but that might be worth it since you will have more time for other fun stuff.




Via: [Neatorama]