How To Save An Accidentally Formatted Drive?

Computers/notebooks and tablets allow you to do wonderful things. These devices are designed to obey your commands. Unlike human employees, computers can do some tasks without your commands. Your notebook or computer can accidentally format an SD card or hard drive. Sometimes, your wrong commands can be a reason of data loss. In this situation, you will need a recovery program to recover deleted files freeware.

Always remember that storage devices act as a telephone directory. After receiving your commands, your computer looks in this directory to find a particular file, image or music video. Once you give a command to format storage devices, your system will erase entire data. After an SD card or hard drive format, the storage space will be empty. An application can easily overwrite the empty storage space. After overwriting, you can permanently lose your data.

To avoid permanent loss of data, it is important to stop the use of your computer after formatting a storage device. If you have formatted a microSD card or USB flash drive, unplug this device immediately.

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Choose A Data Recovery Program

Ultimately, you will need a data recovery software to pinpoint the location of your deleted files. RecoverIt is an incredible program to restore files and folders from SD cards, hard drives, and different storage devices. This mac and windows data recovery program is easy to use without any expert knowledge. With one click, the software can restore folders and files from an empty hard disk.  You can prevent data corruption by monitoring the health of your hard drive, software backups, and data recovery software. RecoveryIt is a free recovery software for Mac, Windows, and other storage devices.

Identify Corrupted Storage Devices

File corruption is a typical incident without warning. A text document can miss a few sentences, a song may skip some beats, and a photo might contain some out-of-place pixels. Complicated file formats because of data corruption are difficult to replace. These formats are unusable. Opening these documents may increase the chances of system crashes and errors. In this situation, only recovery software can assist you.

If you want to avoid these incidents in the future, avoid the use of cheap hard drives, thumb drives, and SD cards. These devices are designed with discarded components, so these can’t pass firm requirements for quality control.

Get Benefits Of Cloud Storage

Online cloud storage services are suitable for regular users. These are reliable to avoid data loss. The service providers locate your data in a safe place. With a sophisticated backup system, these storage facilities offer redundancy in multiple degrees. Some best cloud services are OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. You can get their free plans to store your documents. The free plan offers limited storage that is enough for documents.

Protect your computer from malware and viruses. The malicious viruses can purposely corrupt necessary files. To avoid this situation, you have to install anti-malware programs. Moreover, improper shutdown or ejection can affect your operating system. An operating system needs sufficient time to complete all operations (read & write).

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