How to Super Chill a Coca Cola in 2 Minutes

When we crave for something to energize us while working late hours or just to quench our thirst we usually think of Coca Cola or any other carbonated beverage. When we do we usually also want it to be crackling cold as it will treat our taste Budd’s better. I recently (actually right now) found myself in the position of having a couple of Coca Cola’s in the fridge. However, they weren’t anywhere near as cold as I wanted them so I tried to find a way to super chill them.

Turns out there are really several ways of doing it however one in particular attracted my inspiration. It’s a super simple way and all you need is Ice, Water and some Salt to pull this little trick off. As you will see from the clip it doesn’t take more then 2 minutes to make the magic happen. If I am not entirely wrong the Mythbusters actually did several tests on how to super chill beer and I think they tried this method out as well.