Infinite Candle: This Flame Burns Forever

Are you one of those people that can’t go for a day without lighting some magic candles to set the mood when you’re at home? Or maybe you even bring those sticks with you to work to make sure you get in the right mood there too. Then you probably know that candles don’t exactly last a long time. At least that’s true if you don’t have one of those bazooka sized shell shocker candles that takes about ten people just to haul out from the store. You wouldn’t want to take one of those with you wherever you were going.

A way better option would be the “One Makes Another” candle designed and created by designer Yuyu Kurata. This candle actually lasts forever… and ever… and ever… I think you get the idea. However, there is a catch to it. You need to apply new candles to this eternal flame for it to build up again, but you don’t have to do it all the time like with a usual candle.

This one actually creates a new candle while the old one is burning out. As with anything, burning the energy must come from somewhere, and a bit of the candle burns up and vaporizes. But, there is always that trickle of candle wax dripping from the candle when it’s burning. It is exactly that that gets recycled into a new candle. It’s pretty nifty if you ask me. I wouldn’t mind trying this out. The world is all about recycling so why not recycle candles too? Awesome idea!