iPad 2 vs. Molten Lava Is A Hot Story

You just got your new iPad 2, and you’re filled with excitement. What is the first thing you could possibly do with it? Play games? Download some crunking apps? Well, the list can of course be infinite as we all know. Probably at the very bottom of the list somewhere is the option to check the endurance of it, especially when it comes to bullets, tanks and maybe some molten lava, right? Most people would probably agree with me that they don’t think about that when they get a new iPad 2 in their hands, especially when they have paid for it themselves with their hard earned cash. Of course, that is not where this story ends.

The CEO of ZooGue, Tim Angel, decided that it was time to do something different. He took a flight to Hawaii to put the freshly unwrapped iPad 2 to the ultimate test. He wanted to put it face-to-face with some molten lava to document the endurance of it. Everyone probably knows what happened, but still, it has to be a first for this one, right? I don’t know if the act itself is more mesmerizing than the molten lava, but they are both flippin insane.

This clip is part of an advertising campaign for ZooGue, and I reckon this thing is going to get some views and definitely build some traffic to the new site. I had no clue that it could take an iPad 2 and a flight to Hawaii to launch a new website, but then again, people are getting more and more creative by the looks of it. Now what else could we put into the bubbling molten lava that we haven’t put in there before? Hmm… how about that new BMW you just bought, you’d be ok with that, right?

iPad 2 Vs Molten Lava

Via: [iPhone Hacks]