Largest Balloon Sculpture In The World Is A Spider

I remember as a kid I stumbled over those clowns at amusement parks who had balloon hats and were freakishly and constantly smiling. It was about the weirdest thing you could see as a child. It was an adult with scary makeup furiously bending and twisting balloons into different forms and shapes. They were usually handed out for free, and with a shaking hand I was always the last one of the kids to pick one up. I admit that I am not too scared of clowns these days; however, as a little kid I was always a bit confused about it all. This was especially true since my mom told me that I should never accept anything from strangers, and there I was, accepting a twisted balloon from the scariest stranger of them all.

I am sure most of us have at some point wondered how the heck those clowns were able to bend those straight balloons into animals, hats and what have you, without popping them. Sure, sometimes they broke, and usually we had the lemon eyes waiting for it to go bang. If that made you uncomfortable, I am sure that the world’s largest balloon sculpture will spawn a couple of bad dreams for you.

It’s a tarantula (I think) balloon sculpture that will have you running out in shock once you enter the doors at Great Wolf Lodge Lobby in Grand Mound, Wash. On October 13th, Adam Lee broke the world record by constructing this insane spider out of 3,000 connected and bent balloons. It’s quite a feat considering some of them must surely have broken while he was connecting them together into the giant spider that now hangs from the ceiling. Now, if someone would have “handed” me that one when I was younger, I can tell you I wouldn’t be getting anywhere near balloons even when being an adult. I must label this as “Truly Impressive!”

Largest Balloon Sculpture In World

Largest Balloon Sculpture In World

Largest Balloon Sculpture In World

Via: [Design You Trust]