LEGO Art Build Changes Depending On Angle Of View

Creative LEGO builds have always mesmerized even the most hardcore LEGO fans. Even when it is something simple and small, even micro, we tend to go all out in our excitement about it. It’s a pastime that many geeks find highly inspiring, and a lot of people search for LEGO articles, even here on Bit Rebels. However, LEGO art is not very common, and the creativity behind it is almost nonexistent. Sure, there are busts and creative builds out there, but the multifunctional purpose of them is hardly known. That is so strange though since LEGO offers an unlimited amount of creativity if you let your mind roam free. I have managed to find a build that might just set your imagination into sway.

This build comes from epic LEGO fan Arthur Gugick who seemingly masters the art of bivisual building techniques. It is actually called LEGO Lenticular, and it is a form of angular mirage. Sound complicated? Well, it’s not really. All it really means is that you can pivot your LEGO art build on different angles and get different visual results. It’s a technique that is great for LEGO wall art.

When someone enters the room and scans it like we usually do, they will see the LEGO art picture on the wall, which in this case features Batman. However, when he or she moves around the room and checks it again, it will show the Joker instead. It’s totally the ultimate way to mess with someones head. The process of building these isn’t too complicated either. I am pretty sure there are a bunch of tutorials on the Internet if you fizzle over to Google and search for it. Totally awesome! This is something that I definitely wish I had in the office. Visually transforming LEGO wall art? Badass if you ask me!

Check Out This LEGO Art Lenticular In Action



Via: [Walyou]